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Thank you to all of our customers! You all Rock!

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Thank you so much! Your business means so much to us!

By far the best store i have even been to. Great prices. I was in a few days ago to buy some items for a trip. They have so much stuff! The staff was great. They tested my item and explained to me how use the different functions of this item it had like 60 functions! Amazing place.

I have visited many adult stores in the area i found Bookends to be the largest store i have been to. The selection of adult toys they have is amazing. The prices are great too! The staff was very helpful. With so many options i was kind of lost on finding the product i needed but the sales lady was very helpful. The store is very clean and decorated nice for the fall theme. They had a lot of dvds. I ended up getting a great toy. While at the register the sales lady made sure my item worked properly showed me how to charge it and everything it came with. With my battery items  the same they also gave me free batteries with the items. They were very informational with all the lubricants the had and what one was good with my items.  If you are looking for a store to check out this is the one! By far my favorite and i will be telling all my friends. Thanks for the information and the great customer service which is hard to find now a days. I will be coming back for the holidays!

The first adult toy store I've ever visited (in Feb) and the best. The staff are so helpful with products and any questions you might have. It felt so nice to go in and not feel awkward, will be visiting again soon.

Walking into a store like this, I was expecting awkwardness and shame. Instead, I found a store with many couples and individuals looking for fun products for themselves. The sales staff were incredibly welcoming and consultative, and helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for, and in my budget. Very much looking forward to going back and giving them repeat business!

I went in not knowing exactly what I was looking for. While browsing I was approached by an associate, Nikki. She was super helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions and offer suggestions based on my/my partners comfort level.  This establishment is an amazing place to go if you're looking to change things up in the bedroom. No matter your comfortable you are or arent, this is the place to go. You are very welcome when you come in and all the employees make you feel welcome. NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT JUDGEMENT.

Always a great selection of toys to play with. The two workers that were there when I went were insanely helpful and kind. They did not make us feel awkward at all.


Although they have a wide variety of videos, they do not have any hentai, which for me is a big deal.



This store is awesome. I have been to many adult shops on my travels. I was in the area on business looking for a gift for my wife. Of course being a man i had no idea what to buy for her. One of the lovely sales ladies showed me a few products that were great for my price range let me tell you they also have great prices. I checked out another store around that area it was like all the same stuff and wayyyyy over priced that store had the same item for $60 and Bookends had it for $30 they look out for their customers. Anyways the sales lady was great she was so informative and made me feel very comfortable talking about such an intimate item. My wife loved the toy i got for her. I would come back and even tell my friends about this business. So for stock, prices, location, discreetness, clean well lit , sales associates i give it a 5 start rating. Thank you to everyone at Bookends!

Great store had everything my Mistress wanted and had a great time. I will be returning with her in the future.

Best store yet! Seriously they have so much to select from. I was kind of hesitant to go into a adult store. My friends and i deiced to stop in tonight. The staff was great so helpful. They literally had EVERYTHING! The prices we amazing. I will be back!

Always an awesome experience!!! The staff is super knowledgeable approachable and friendly and their selection is always impressive!!! Truly something for any and everyone!!!

Thank you Missy! Came in looking for a long lasting lub to use after having a Hysterectomy and Missy suggested Uber. Tried it with my husband last night and loved it! Thanks for the help

A amazing store with a staff that's is so knowledgeabstto help make shopping easy. The fact that the store is clean and super organized is pretty awesome too its a must check out for those 18+ .

Hi everyone wanted to share my experience at this store. I have to say it is by far the best store that I have been to. It’s clean and the staff are very friendly. They have a lot to choose from and the prices are good for what you get. Personal experience I have purchased a item on amazon and it was very cheap the horrible part  is that it said it was silicone and come to find out it was LATEX! Do you definitely pay for what you get! Never again will I use amazon for its products. You never know what is true or false and worst part is amazon said they would take my product back just to think of what they will do with it makes me cringe. I love the policy that Bookends doesn’t take returns once you leave for obvious reasons (you don’t know if someone has used it or not I sure don’t want something someone has taken home and decided to try to ehchange ew) they checked my items to make sure it worked properly and even explained how to charge it. I have never had that service at another store before so that was a good plus. I have to say that we loved our items we purchased and how discreet the shopping experience was. I will be back for certain! I am a huge review reader and some of the reviews that are negative are very hard to believe. Check the store out for your self. I bet you will love it!

Love the staff, helped us understand products. Actually cared that we got the best thing for are buck

So, I stopped in here the other night... I am a frequent/regular customer of Bookends and honestly I am not ashamed to say it!!! I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how awesome it looked for the holidays and appreciate the endless possibilities of Christmas gifts I was able to find for all my closest friends (yes the adult ones)    Not only did I find super cute and hilarious holiday cards, but they were SUPER INEXPENSIVE. Now, for any person who has ever had a list longer than can be of people they choose to send Holidays to (I feel cards are more personal and thoughtful than simply sending someone any text, any message or any email)... but anyone like me who likes to give cards knows first-hand that they can be pretty expensive, especially when your buying a large amount of them and want to choose individual cards for each person's personality and sense of humor. I've actually seen cards that cost over $10.00 before . I am so glad I stopped by and found all of your adorable, hilarious AND AFFORDABLE holiday cards!!! So, I will be happily sharing my secret and favorite place around where they can find all of those Holiday gifts that leave their friends with much much more than a smile on their faces .

Very friendly and helpful staff

Always a great experience!!! Super knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly staff and service.

Best adult store i've ever been for sure - neat, clean, helpful staff and HUGE variety of novelties

Great little adult place. Employees are very helpful and friendly.